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How you can Co-Develop your property into
Townhouses or Apartments for just $6,500


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  • You know developing your property would increase your profit, but you don’t have the time, knowledge or funds to begin
  • You’re staring down the barrel of retirement and you feel stressed that you don’t have enough to support you and your family
  • You want to really ramp up your retirement fund in the final years before you quit work
  • You’d like to have more time, more money, and more balance in your life to just relax and enjoy

We’re all about the great Australian dream,
and getting you to dream a little more…

Dear Property Owner,

Have you ever wondered how you could earn more money from selling your property or investment when the time comes?

Have you ever thought about developing your property into townhouses or apartments?

Many homeowners dream about developing for higher profit. In today’s property market, transforming your home or investment property into multiple, desirable dwellings unlocks the true value of the land.

However, for most people this dream never leaves the ground, because of a lack of experience or knowledge about development, or lack of time and money to make it a success.

It’s true that there are a lot of people who have tried their hand in property development only to fail. There is also no doubt that property development can be a very lucrative experience.

The difference comes down to who you partner with. Realising the true potential of your property and boosting your profits is much simpler with professionals on your side.

Register for our free webinar today, where you will receive in-depth training on where to start when developing your property.

No matter what stage of life you’re at, Peak Property Group will show you how to transform your future into one of financial freedom.

Our webinar is completely free, with no obligations or strings attached. Learn the secrets to developing for profit, why the current market favours developments, and how you can start on your own path to future wealth today.

Discover 5 things on this Free Webinar:


 The top 5 mistakes that you can avoid when developing your property


 My 8 – Step Development process that has allowed my business to grow it’s pipeline to over $150m in projects


 Why the next 3-5 years are crucial for you to set yourself up for success


The state of the market and why now is the best time to begin your development


 What co-development is and how it works for you


Here’s who you will be listening to on this FREE webinar

Michael Tiemens is the Founder and Managing Director of Peak Property Group. By the age of 30, just nine years into his property investing career, Michael sits among the top 1% of all property investors in Australia. He has a multi-million-dollar portfolio that has enabled him to live his dream of being a speaker, a coach and a full-time property developer. Peak Property Group are development specialists who work with property owners to realise the full potential of their asset through obtaining planning approvals, marketing, sales and construction.

“Learn My 8-Step Development Process,
in this Free Webinar”